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Waking hot with palpitations

Seeking treatment for anxiety, palpitation heat aversion/intolerance without sweating, hot flashes. and early morning heat and heart palpitations for
Months without ability to sleep for. More than 6-7 hours resulting oin chronic fatigue

You should consult with a practitioner directly to get the best care as there is quite a bit, besides your symptoms, that goes into choose proper treatment (see “treating the cause vs. the symptoms”).

What you are describing is likely (but not exclusively) what we term kidney yin deficiency in Chinese Medicine terms (see my “my kidneys are what?” for general info).

Our sections (most include herbs, protocols, etc.) for hot flashes and anxiety would get you in the ballpark of how a practitioner would approach things. Long story short the symptoms are somewhat meaningless in Chinese Medicine and treatment approaches are never chosen exclusively related to the symptoms, rather how the symptoms got there in causal terms which is figured out with detailed Chinese Medicine diagnostics.

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