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Waight control & Acupuncture


I'd like to know of any out-standing / pro-active waight reduction points, or nutritional addvice that might actavate the bio-matabalisum on-high. Thank you for your time, Walter. Im thinking the Gulblader work?


Over weight is Spleen deficinecy can not move body&#39s water energy, cause damp and phlegm too much inside body, affect digest system. use points ren6, 9,12, sp8, 9, 15, st 25, 36, 40 to tonify sp and st functions and move Qi and Blood circle, strong body digestion function , use Ub20,21,22, 23 to drain the body water energy.


is there a certain protocol for these points? any moxa? e-stem.. how often? with any herbal formulas?



Yes, you can moxa and e-stem those points, Ren9 & St40 is for drain down the water and phlegm, Ren12 & St36, St25 & Sp15 is for digestion function(abdoman local ashi fat points are also need), Ren6 & Sp8 is for Qi and Blood circle. Ub20,21,22,23 are for health the Spleen, ST, Urinebladder & Kidney functions. You can do the treatment 3-5 times a week, basic on the patient&#39s energy condition. The herbal formaula should basic on the patient&#39s pattern. Or he/she can drink slim tea.

diet food plan and sports exercise are very important!


Thank you so much, this is very helpful.

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