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Vocal cord paralysis


I was recently diagnosed with right vocal cord paralysis. Not sure how I got it. I haven’t had any surgeries and haven’t been sick in 14 years. Can acupuncture help? Dr. tells me that the nerve takes 6 months to regenerate, if it does at all.


Generally speaking, yes. Acupuncture is very helpful for a range of nerve disorders and vocal cord paralysis is commonly seen by acupuncturists. The treatment duration would depend greatly on what caused/contributed to the paralysis - localized trauma would generally be the easiest in relative terms, viral causes might take a little longer. If it is from a stroke it would depend greatly on the overall extent of damage, etc.

In most cases you would see some improvement within 7-10 visits, but, again, it might take a few months or longer of treatment to resolve.


Dr. thinks it’s viral as I haven’t had an localized trauma. Came out of nowhere. Is acupuncture once/week enough?

Constantly clearing my throat every few seconds

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