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Does anyone have any experience of treating Vitiligo with acupuncture? I have a patient who wants to try acupuncture but I don't really know where to start!


I answered a nearly identical question previously, here that you had asked. If you have more detailed questions after reading my previous reply, please provide more details about your patient and feel free to ask. In the future, please search the site before asking your question to see if it has already been answered and/or add requests for additional information to your existing posts.


I have a patient who has had this condition for over 25 years, concentrated on the stomach channel on her left leg. I diagnosed her with a blood deficiency and did local needling and put her on blood tonifying herbs. She used chinese herbal healing salve from Heaven&#39s Essence topically a few times per day. The dark areas started to clear up, the itching disappeared, and then the white areas started to turn pink. This process unfolded over a period of a few months. Then my patient got pregnant and stopped the acupuncture and herbs. It seems that the salve alone is not enough because the skin is slowly starting to return to its original condition.

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