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Vitiligo points needed


I have vitiligo on the chest,inner wrists,elbows,waist,shins (tibias),ans inner ankles.
Give me the acupuncture/acupressure points to treat.Please


Chinese medicine doesn’t work by having specific sets of points for specific western conditions. See treating the cause for more on that. That being said, for vitiligo and other autoimmune disorders a general set of starter points we use in our clinic are the huatuo jiaji points from T1 through T3. It would be somewhat difficult to do self acupressure on those points and honestly self acupressure is not likely going to be a strong enough treatment for you to see any difference.

You best course of treatment is to find a local practitioner and work with them. Acupuncture and possibly herbal formula can be extremely effective for controlling and possibly even reversing autoimmune conditions. For effective treatment you need to get a proper diagnosis for a customized set of points to fully address your overall health. Acupuncture can certainly help when done by a qualified professional.


Thanks for the advice stephen


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