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Vitiligo in Face


Dear Chad,,

The daughter of my sister have vitiligo in face , when she baby already vitiligo in fce but very small , now the vitiligo very big .

She is already get medication by DV and Laser for treating vitiligo , but unfortunelly not significant result.

She is already asthmatic problem .

Could you hel me to give Vitiligo protocol .



Chinese Medicine is used to treat vitiligo, but it can be a very difficult condition to fully resolve. Treatment generally focuses more on herbal medicine than on needling or acupressure as they have little effect outside of strengthening the system as a whole. The general TCM principles are to tonify the Liver, Kidney, Blood and resolve wind. In TCM terms this is a deficiency condition and treatment works over time to resolve these relatively deep weaknesses in the body. The asthma that you mention can also be a sign of kidney deficiency.

For herbal formulas the following research may be helpful:

Effects of single herbal drugs on adhesion and migration of melanocytes.

A systematic review of natural health product treatment for vitiligo.

Because of the complexity of this condition, proper treatment would require her to be seen in person by a fully trained acupuncturist/herbalist in your area.

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