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Very Worried--Please Help


I apologize if this is not the correct forum in which to post this topic. I am very worried about my husband. About 2 1/2 years ago he was diagnosed with Waldenstrom's (Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma) while being tested for the cause of body bone/joint pain. Instead of finding the answer to his body pain, he ended up with the cancer diagnosis. In addition to the body pain, he started having severe pain and numbness in his left foot. He said it feels as if a semi truck ran over his foot; he also feels like someone tightened a rubber band around his toes to the point of them wanting to pop off. The oncologist has not been able to find a cause for this; he does not feel that this or his recent diagnosis of osteopenia has anything to do with the cancer. Oh, he has arthritis, as well, in his shoulder.

In the last few months, his right foot became affected, as well. Now his right foot is as bad as his left foot. He has also noticed numbness going up to his knees and periodic numbness/tingling in this hands. Yesterday, his hands turned white briefly while being outside in the cold. He is now cold all of the time, feeling as if he's standing on a block of ice. He has a difficult time getting warm. He has been piling on the blankets at night, but then breaks out in night sweats. I do know that the night sweats can be due to the cancer.

He does not have to do anything for the cancer at this time. The doctors check his blood levels every six months; they say they do not need to do any treatments unless he either gets his Igm number to a certain point, or he becomes symptomatic. He will see the doctor in a couple of days to discuss what is going on. My hubby did start a Vegan diet about six months ago after reading the China Study. His Igm number did miraculously go down significantly three months after the diet change. The last two tests, however, went back up to where they originally were. The doctors think that the low test was a false one. I don't know what to think. I'm just sooo incredibly worried about him. Keep in mind he is only 48. My in-laws have suspected Celiac all along; the test came back negative, but I know that false negatives are very common.

What do you think???? Does his profile of symptoms sound like they could be attributed to Celiac disease? My in-laws and friend have suspected Celiac for quite some time. I'm sorry for rambling on, I just want to get him help. He's in a lot of pain (though he is incredibly strong and optimistic). Thank you so much for any help!!!

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I could comment on a few aspects of your husbands case, but the main thing would be to find an acupuncturist near you who has some experience with cancer and get an appointment as soon as possible. The celiac disease may be a part of his condition but more than likely it would have been something that he had for a long time and would have had symptoms all along. From your description, however, it sounds like he was relatively healthy until he starting having some bone/joint pain that didn't resolve through normal measures. With a negative test and questionable history I wouldn't go too far down that route. The nice thing about acupuncture, however, is the western diagnosis (or diagnoses) is not necessary at all, we form our own patterns based on a range of symptoms and other findings and treat from that. This is why acupuncture often has good results with complex conditions. Along that note, as mild as the cancer appears to be, it is still a condition that needs acupuncture - particularly from those who are used to working with it. Generally speaking the circulatory/nerve issues he is experiencing should respond well to acupuncture, so I wouldn't delay.

With regards to the vegan diet, we rarely recommend a diet like that to cancer patients (and other conditions). I cannot say much without seeing him myself, but generally those diets weaken the persons energy overall and lower their immunity, particularly if not done correctly. Generally a whole foods diet with a range of foods and occasional small amounts of high quality red meat is the best route. From a Chinese Medicine perspective the red meat helps build the quality of the blood and builds overall energy. You might want to read my article - the "eat like a human" diet which covers most of our views on the subject.


acupucture can treat body pain. your husband maybe go to do some acupucture treatment let him to feel better, about the cancer, your husband must go on to find another western doctor treat no matter use anyway.

Thank you


Feng Mei

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