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I'm really hoping that I can get some new insight into something I have been trying to get into balance since the summer.I have been suffering from vertigo for the last 7 months and it is not getting better.It is getting worse.It started with only small episodes lasting less than 5 minutes of feeling light headed and a sense of the ground falling.Now it is almost a constant.I also suffer from adrenal fatigue and up until this past summer was doing very well with using my supplements,nutrition and Acupuncture to keep my energy levels up.

I am a certified Acupuncturist and have been using some of the following points with some success:St41,Sp6,St40,St36,Ren6,Du20,GB18,GB13,GB8,LU9.If I do a treatment in the morning and then at night the vertigo does go away slightly.As soon as I miss a day of Acupuncture it goes right back to the constant vertigo.I have also gone to my teacher who is a very good Dr of Acupuncture and she has done some treatments on me as well.Again the same results.It goes away for a few days but then back to the way it was.I am also getting massage with essential oils and it does help for a little while again.

I have had all of the western diagnoses and testing done and they have found nothing.I have not had an MRI done on my head yet and I would really like to avoid this.

I am also started taking Ginko Biloba,DMG and Cayenne in addition to my regular supplements(multi,cal/mag,D,C,Adrenal support,Omega's,liver support).

I am really getting desperate for a miracle! Any insight would be highly valued.Thanks.


There are 3 patterns of vertigo: Qi and Blood deficiency; Liver Yang up; damp phlegm blocked meridians. For Qi and Blood deficiency use points: St36, Ren6, Du20 and Ub20; for Liver yang up use points: Gb20,Ub18,23,Lv2, Gb41; for damp phlemp use points: ST40, Ren12, Pc6, St8,41.


You don&#39t say what your syndrome is, and you should definately look in to that and treat accordingly as Feng Meil has mentioned . However, I suffered with vertigo myself for 25 years and the points I use with very good results are below and then you can add in to your syndrome points as well:

GB20 (most important) Col 4, GB34, Liv 2 & 3 and any other relevant foot points to anchor your qi down and stop it flying around your head.

Good luck and I hope this helps.


Have you tried HT 7 and PC6? INNER EAR on the ear. (Left ear if male). Also QiGong VERY Important. Good Luck & Best Health- Please Keep all of us posted!

In Health, Cindy


Hi Jodi,

First of all is mandatory submit yourself to a Chinese Diagnosis.

What about Pulse, Shu Mo Points terderness, Tongue, feces, urine, pain, etc.

We need know about your body signs to help You.


Nilton Benfatti


I have suffered from this as well and treated myself successfully by auricular therapy. It did take about 6 weeks but I could continue with daily functions. You did not state what your onset was. Any trauma to the head neck shoulders or exposed to change in pressure ?on airplane? I eventually found a small knot lateral to T3 area which was needled and released the stagnation. I used inner ear, vertigo line , neck area on back of ear and cerbellum . Have you seen a qualified chiropractor as something maybe misaligned and is a structural problem for you. Do go for the MRI as it would be terrible if something was missed.


ETF getting the tools you need to heal yourself. Your own hands can heal you.

Acupuncture/acupressure has sponed-morphed and emerged as more than it was.

A well publicized new sensation on youTube is called (the Meridian Tapping method),

Using the Digest applying gentle Tappotment

(tapping strokes to points most applicable.

Gently stimulating the energies of the meridians.

Reportedly “ balances the energies between the hemispheres studies show. So I’m taking it-as given that one who understands the Maps off of all the meridian points also understands The massively creative potential in such a potent new stroking tool in our multi pronged Approach in antedotting the effects of stress and for inspiring and moving organ channel

Chi) flow. As for (ETF) Emotional Freedom Technique and the eight to 20 points that it involves?

If it works for the symptoms, of anxiety. My experience is’ I love it Tapp for everything,

and thanks (EFT) fans. ..


I think you mean EFT not ETF.

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