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Ventral hernia and hepatomegaly


Hello. I'd like to ask where to tap for ventral hernia and hepatomegaly. My mother is pretty hesitant about surgery. I assume to tap liver T9 R for liver but don't know where to tap for hernia. I'm not a pro at all but I think I might recommend her warm water with lemon in mornings as a liver remedy but don't know how to improve her hernia problem. I may try to tap the abdomen area, I assume. What do you think? My mother is visiting her doctor again in three months.


Could you tell us where the hernia is exactly? And how it came about (i.e. post surgery, lifting, unknown)? That would help immensely. Ventral hernias can be anywhere in the abdomen and about a third are from previous surgeries so I wanted to make sure. Also why is the liver swollen? - Infection?, Unknown?

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