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Varicose veins pain in upper left thigh, some pain in feet


Hi, I would like a remedy for my varicose veins which are more dominant in my left leg. A few months ago I had to make continuous trips up and down 3 flights of stairs, since then I’ve had a pain in my upper left leg. Its not sciatica, I stretch, but it hasn’t stopped, sometimes while sleeping I wake up in pain from it. Also my feet, around the ankles ache when I get up after sitting. I also have some numbness in hands periodically. I juice, eat healthy and organic, I haven’t been exercising the way I want to. Getting there. I drink wine occasionally, I have finally found a wine that does not seem to have a hurting effect on my body. I would like herbal remedies for these symptoms, mainly the veins, and upper leg pain. I will order from you. I look forward to your response. Glenna


You should consult with a practitioner locally. Properly administered Chinese Medicine requires a diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms (see What Does Acupuncture Treat? for more on treating the causal factors vs. treating the western condition or symptoms).


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