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Varicocele pain and sperm quality


which we should get points for pain varicocele and sperm quality I wonder?


As always the proper points would depend on the underlying imbalance or pattern which is causing the symptoms in the first place. That being said, there are some general points that could help with the pain - SP 10, KD 3 and UB 60, and GB 27. I wouldn’t recommend trying local points such as CV 1.

As for sperm quality again it would depend specifically what aspect you are referring to. Is is an issue with morphology, count, the ability to produce sperm, ability to deliver etc. Generally speaking when there are issues with sperm quality acupuncture alone is probably not going to be sufficient. You’ll likely need to supplement with some herbal formulas, and while there are many that can be very effective again it really depends on what sort of underlying pattern you have which is causing the problems.


thank you for your answer

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