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Vaginal Birth after C-Section - VBAC


Isn’t nonproductive labour helped by acupuncture? I have heard this. MDs are mighty quick to schedule a C-section just because one has been done already.

Memory lost since pregnancy

I moved your comment to a new discussion as it wasn’t exactly relevant to the original posters issues.

Regardless, yes, acupuncture can and is often used to foster labor and in my clinical experience it works quite well for this. Now, for subsequent children after having a c-section there are medical reasons why doctors will push for a c-section and many of these are valid. For people in that situation it is important to discuss with their doctors why they do not think they are a good candidate for vbac and possibly get a second opinion if they do not agree with the doctors sentiment.

Admittedly in the US we seem to have fairly high numbers of c-sections, from what I can remember around double of what the world health organization (WHO) recommends - although we do not have the highest percentages compared to many other countries.


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