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Uterine fibroids

Dear Sir,
I am happy to be part of Yin Yang house. I am gaing great knowledge from yin yang house.
My query is please recommend acupuncture points for uterine fibroids and associated with Heavy uterine bleeding during the periods.


So you never choose acupuncture points based on symptoms - that’s simply not how acupuncture work. For the basics of this I would suggest reading “treating the cause vs. the symptoms”, which contains information on the importance of the TCM diagnostic framework. Following that I would suggest reading “acupuncture point treatment plan” which gets into how to design effective treatments.

All that said, there are three parts of our theory site that will be relevant to your question and within those sections they all have a link to acupuncture protocols for “x” condition that will lay out some of the more common diagnostic patterns involved and then some of the general points - which would be tailored to the individual. These are:

The primary starting point is figuring a diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms for your patient which is only marginally related to their symptoms (which can come from any number of causes - i.e. the part you care about fixing). Heavy bleeding can come from stagnation, from deficiency, from excess, from mixed patterns, etc. - your job as the practitioner is to figure that part out first and then develop a treatment plan to address this.

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