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Using Acupoints to Manipulate Spleen Channel Energy


I didn’t see anything here on over energy of the Spleen Meridian. In testing the alarm points, the spleen Meridian is over energy, What would be the cause of this, and what health steps would you take to correct it? Other than using the points Sp 5, and L8, then, Sp1, and LV1 to weaken the Meridian. Weaking the Spleen Meridian correction doesn’t last. Thank you!


We have a fair amount written about the spleen which you can find here. I’m not sure what you mean when you say over energy of the spleen meridian? Also what do you mean by alarm point - the front mu? In general theory as I was taught you can’t have an excess of spleen qi, yin or yang, only damp which itself is reflective of spleen deficiency.

What symptoms are presenting and do you have a tongue and/or pulse diagnosis? That would help.

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