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Urinary Bladder (Uncommon) Disorder

Hi, I am new here, but I would begin with expressing my gratitude, for all the vast information that you provide us with, and for the possibility to ask my question.
I have a severe bladder disorder disease( my bladder cannot contract properly-thus I cannot empty it , it retains partially/ ), that is why for 5 years I use intermittent catheterization. I mention that I did not suffer from any injury, I got this as “a present” with my menopause. Ever since, I have more and more often UTI, with terrible pain episodes, last one in October brought me into hospital with pyelonephritis, because the infection went up to the kidneys. I have tried numerous urologists, neurologists (dg. neuropathic bladder, etc) without any success, as besides antibiotics, I got nothing else. Furthermore, in a strange way I eliminate sometimes 4-5 l /day, without me drinking at least as much liquids. They simply do not believe me, I was investigated for diabetes but , this was not confirmed either.
During daytime I go to the restroom about 10 times, at night at at least 3 times.That is why it is like water , so not concentrated at all but I never "produce " less then 250 ml, sometimes 600-700ml. I am hypotensive, and have no regular medication. Recently I began to read a lot in acupuncture direction, and even went to a TCM doctor. My symptoms improved, but still with me. Do you think I have any chance to balance my "water"issues? What is your experience on this, could you recommend me some points that I can also press at home, thus strengthening the effect of acupuncture treatment. I just add that I mainly do not like to sleep (max 4-5h a night) , predominant yang person. Thanks a million!

When you say “and even went to a TCM doctor” - what exactly did you have - acupuncture, herbs, etc. If acupuncture, how many treatments, if herbs, what and at what dosages and for how long?

Generally speaking something like this would likely take a practitioner 2-5 months to resolve with regular treatments, just to put it in perspective. There is little you could do acupressure wise that would help much of this, but a good practitioner who is guiding your treatments should be able to provide you with tailored dietary, lifestyle, herbal, and, if deemed useful, acupressure recommendations for you which will change as you progress over time.

Thank you for your time, Chad. My answer: she is a Chinese physician, specialized in acupuncture (15 y experience). I’ve been there once a week, this is the 5th time. She always treated me with cups, in the L-S zone well as above BL23, and needles in G20 (5times). Other appointments BL07 and KD1, KD3 also CV03, ST29, SP06. Recommended Zuo Gui Wan for yin deficiency, no diet or other type of recommendations.Kindly advise if this seems enough, or shall I try some different paths as well. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Have you taken the herbs (if so, for how long and at what dose)?

Generally all that seems on track, but again, it can take time with Chinese Medicine so I wouldn’t get too concerned until you are in the 10-12 treatment range. If by that time there is little change, I would find another practitioner.

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