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Urgent help! Need guidance on Suo Quan Wan

Hello wonderful TCM community! I stumbled upon this amazing site trying to look for a cure to my 10 year old son’s night time bed wetting.
I wanted to know more about the Suo Quan Wan - I see it is available in your store and wanted to see if we can try that, if so at what dosage?
He is close to 4 ft 9", close to 70 lbs… lean body type.
When we initially consulted a TCM, several months ago, he mentioned my son had…
Lung-Spleen qi vacuity, Spleen-Kidney yang vacuity and Kidney qi failing to secure and astringe to control urination.
He prescribed an herbal formula, with specific herbs mixed for his condition. We had initial success the first couple of nights but then the problem persisted.
I am back to the research and ended up here :slight_smile: Please let me know your thoughts on Suo Quan Wan. or any questions you may have for me for clarifications. Thanks so much! Anna

How long did you take the herbal formula from your TCM practitioner? This can often take months to fully resolve, so if it was only a short period of time and you were looking for instant results that is not how this works.

Further, generally with herbs it is a moving target rather than a fixed formula. So you see your practitioner, they start with something, they discuss with you after some time about the response and inspect the patient again, then possibly change the formula (either slightly or completely or adding other herbs/formulas in), then follow up again, etc.

If you have a practitioner there I would work with them directly but give it more time. Choosing a random formula from the internet with no proper diagnosis of the underlying causes in tcm terms will generally yield poor results. But, yes, Suo Quan Wan is at times used for bedwetting and with the proper diagnosis (not based on symptoms) it might help or it might help with the addition of another formula.

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