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Urethrocele in Water CF


I have a patient in her late 60’s with a urethrocele (prolapse of the urethra) I believe her to be a Water CF, but also to have Kidney Jing deficiency as she has been very hard of hearing all her life. (I am an integrated practitioner) She seems generally very healthy and takes good care of herself. Her pulse are very thin and thready with the left one deviated over the top of the bone and difficult to feel and her tongue is short and red with no coating but not peeled.

I have tried various approaches such as raising Qi, strengthening Kidneys, Tonify it Blood, Yin, Yang and Qi and we were making good progress and she was much more comfortable but has now started to relapse. I’m not a herbalist so unable to prescribe herbs.

I would love some thoughts on this please? Many thanks in advance, Jane



It would likely allow for a more direct discussion without redundancy in what you have already tried if you could describe what actual “approaches” you used (i.e. the exact points, duration, treatment frequency, reasonings, etc.) Or at least describe in detail the approaches you were doing when she was making “good progress”. Along those lines, a definition of “good progress” - she leaked less urine, she just felt better, what exactly entailed good progress and what time frame leads to “has now” started to relapse - no treatment or some treatment over weeks, months? And do you have a sense of why she relapsed?

I’m also curious since you took time to point this out what do you mean by you are an “integrated practitioner” - just so we are all on the same page.


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