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Upper back pain



I have had upper back pain. I usually starts during ovulation and subsides after my cycle.

I have tried work-outs, stretching, and laying on th floor.

Any suggestions, I would reallly appreciate.

Thank you,



Well somewhat obviously I am going to recommend acupuncture for you. Back pain during ovulation usually indicates some underlying hormonal issues that are generally resolve well with acupuncture. As this is an internal issue (more than likely), stretching, etc. will only help in minor ways as you have found out.


The upper back pain should be Qi and Blood stag., to move the Qi and Blood on upper back, the only way is acupuncture, points: Si3, 9,10,11, 12, GB20,21, Ub10, 11, 13,15,17. 40, 57. After acupuncture do TCM Tuina on neck, shoulder, back, arms and hands.

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