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Unsure how to use ear seeds. using for recovery substance abuse and nicotine cravings


how do I use these ear seeds I got put on today?
using for cravings, substance abuse recovery


The best results will always comes from working directly with a practitioner who can tell you (1) if ear seeds are appropriate for you as an individual with those issues, and (2) what the exact points are that are most directly suited for you - again as an individual.

In the absence of that follow the NADA auricular protocol.


In terms of how to use seeds that a practitioner put on, generally when you feel cravings you’re supposed to press each point for a few seconds or until you feel some sort of sensation locally where you are pressing. That in effect is acupressure. It also helps to both bring more of a conscious awareness of when you are having cravings and it helps as a behavioral deterrent to some small effect.


Some practitioners use actual seeds from China, called semen vaccaria. They work by the tape pressing the hard round seed on specific nerve branches in the ears that direct the body to release endorphins and other messengers of calm and relaxation. It’s a good idea to feel with your fingers where the seeds are located so you can press your ears with your fingers even after the tape comes off. Other practitioners use magnets that are about the same size as the seeds, but of magnetized metal. The goal is the same, to stimulate the body to release more endorphins and feel-good messages of relaxation and comfort. For some time you don’t have to press on magnets because they have biological effects but it is likely that eventually they need to be replaced to keep the effect going. Nobody seems to know how long they are active. As the other respondent says, ask for details on how to use them from the practitioner who applied them to your ears. Here is a nice survey of studies of their use over the years:

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