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Unresolved Emotions and/or Trauma related to Physical Conditions


If one feels that unresolved emotions and trauma underlie a physical condition, how does Tong Ren address the underlying unresolved emotions or trauma?


That’s a good question and Master Tam attempts to explain his theories with regards to those issues in two texts: The Unfinished Life and Chi and Libido.

In general the beginning focus point is not one of “resolving” because we don’t really thing that is possible in the true sense of the word as focusing on those associations can in many cases make the connections stronger. We are also cautious of “repressing” when we talk about releasing or dissipating the energy around a memory - repressing is definitely not the same as releasing. Memories, addictions, habits, etc. are all just imprints on the mind. Traumas from our view in general terms do not need to be resolved - they simply need the collected energy around those associations dissipated.

While a whole treatment plan would depend somewhat on the individual and their particular issues, in general we place heavy emphasis on the point GB 13 for these issues. This is the area that influences the frontal lobe where many of these trauma associations are stored. In general when you decrease the energy around an association it simply diminishes or outright disappears given enough time and practice. This is different from spending years in therapy (which I’m not saying is a bad thing per se) trying to come to terms with a particular trauma or traumas which in some way only serves to reinforce the connections to that trauma although your conscious intellectual mind may not react as strongly to them because you can logic your way away from a strong reaction. One viewpoint is not better than any other exactly, but the idea of dissipation or truly releasing the memory is more strongly looked at in tong ren therapy than it may be in modern western therapy for example.


Hi Chad,

Would you recommend that I read those two books? How would I go about dissipating the energy? Could I needle GB13 on the Tong Ren doll? If so, would it work better to apply electrical stimulation to the needle? I have the Tong Ren Therapy Tens Unit but I’ve not figured out just how to use it yet. It did not come with an AC adapter so I need to purchase six C batteries for it. Is an AC adapter available? I would prefer that to the batteries.

Would it help to attend, via the internet, the emotional healing class that is held on Thursdays through the Tong Ren Station that lists and offers the live classes?

As far as my ‘issues’ go, I think sexual trauma goes back to past lives as well as showing up very early in this life time. Also, suppression of expression has seemed to show up pretty strongly as an energy to dissipate in this life time. Physically, I’ve dealt with constipation for at least as long as I can remember, poor digestion and candidiasis since a traumatic sexual event wherein I acted out infidelity and strongly judged myself for it, chronic insomnia since 1997, whole body inflammation since the year 2000 and Hashimoto’s which was diagnosed in 2005. My libido has been close to nil since I was about 40 years old. I am now close to 58. My husband is very healthy in that respect. I would like to be able to engage with him more than I can now from a physical standpoint. I get that I’ve had a lot of sexual energy locked up in my body for a very long time.

With the above in mind, what might you suggest to facilitate dissipating the energy around these things that have shown up for me in this lifetime? Managing these things without addressing the emotional energy has seemed to keep them from getting worse, but, not really better. Any improvements I’ve experienced have seemed to correlate with releasing emotional energy. I’ve been involved in the healing arts since 1986, primarily to help in clearing these things, but also to facilitate how I may be able to help others who may be traveling a similar path of healing.

Thank you,



Yes, the best is to get treatment either in person or online whatever is available. There are the classes at tongrenstation and then ours which is every tuesday at 6:10pm.

In an ideal world you would include the tong ren with proper treatment from an acupuncturist in your area. Both are helpful - more consistent treatment that is properly guided by a practitioner can offer quite a bit to your range of issues in addition to the trauma issues.


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