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Unqualified accupuncture practiced on a child


Hi, I’m beside myself…my ex husband somehow aquired an accupuncture kit. My 6 year old son has a lot of cramping in his calf muscles from growing. His father pressured him into allowing him to use an accupuncture needle on his leg with no prior education of any medical feild training of any sort.
(without any way of properly sterilizing it from past use). Since this horrifying ordeal he presents cramps in his feet that make all his toes contort in different directions. I just foung this info out and am seeking legal advise. However i would like to have better knowledge of the liability, and damage this may have caused. Or if it even would be relevant to my sons reoccurring agony. Thanks. Any help would be immense.


So the practice of acupuncture requires a proper medical license. Technically practicing acupuncture without this license is practicing medicine without a license - a very serious offense that can involve jail time, fines and/or probation. So you should let local law enforcement handle this and/or contact your state medical board for help.

That said, not knowing what points and techniques the father used it is difficult to say whether or not he did much to him. For the most part except for incredibly deep needling there is very little harm that can come from acupuncture so the cramping is probably not related to anything he did per se but a continuation of whatever prompted the very poor course of action to begin with.

Either way you should first take your child to an MD for evaluation, if he checks out ok but is still having problems you could consult with an acupuncturist in your area should that be the route you want to take for helping your child. Then, and only after your son is ok, you can deal with the father in any way you see fit - knowing that there are only two options - strong legal action or nothing. You will have to judge for yourself what you feel is the appropriate route with the knowledge that turning him in will most likely involve a fairly serious outcome.


I greatly appreciated the info and I will follow up accordingly. I know that accupuncture used in a manor by properly trained people can show huge improvements in health conditions. However my poor son is now terrified of even the thought of it. Thanks so much you have neen bery informative and helpful.


I don&#39t wish to come into the whole family store, nor acupuncture, but cramps that your son has could be eliminated with better diet, he needs magnesium. Please provide him foods rich in magnesium (spinach, almonds etc) and also give him a foot bath with Epsom salts. You will see that his cramps will be a history.


I will! Thats very helpful info also! I am glad i decided to inquire last night my children are my whole world. Thanks to you also.


This is abuse, plain and simple... I would get your son away from this man... I echo what Chad has stated above. You would be wise to look deeper into this issue and what it represents to you and your family.... what other behaviors have been inappropriate?


I have been patient and passive about some past issues in hopes that he may better himself. I would feel it inappropriate to post numerous details of other concerns. However i am actively involved with cps and am currently taking action in the situation to protect my children from any further actions of his. I feel sad for my two children and i hope that in the future they will understand why these things had taken place. It is painful to see two hon oroll polite kind natured boys be torn by the love they have for this man and the actions he shows toward them.
I spend alot of time with our family counselor trying to help these angels get a sense of the wrong doing. If you have any other leads for good legal assistance in this area i would be greatful as we are not financially capable of dome of the exspenses involved with a decent lawrr. I fear that because my x has a better income and his wife is a school teacher ( whom also whitness the event and did nothing) the money bid may sway the point of the issues at hand..


Put on on your "tiger game" and protect those children and do what it takes! GOOD ON YOU!


I am a paediatric nurse and Health Visitor, as well as an acupuncturist. In the UK, Health Visitors work closely with families and are part of the child protection services. So, I have considerable experience of many aspects to do with your enquiry. This is a very distressing time for you, and I can only echo what my colleagues have said above. This is certainly behaviour that is disrespectful of your child, and would be considered risky by any authority looking into it. It would appear from your message that there have been other occasions where you have had reason to be wary of letting him have access.

I am very sure that any court or social service would consider his actions re: giving &#39acupuncture&#39 to be grossly inappropriate, and would uphold any request you might make to have supervised contact. I really don&#39t think the needling would have caused clinical harm but, for sure it has been emotionally disturbing to your son. The person your ex is with is just as liable, regardless of their social status, and may well be considered an accessory.

If money makes it difficult for you to get advice, look online for people and places that can help you for free. I am sorry but, as I am in the UK, I can&#39t suggest any agencies but, maybe if you go to and look at the various support groups on there, you will find someone to help. Its my humble opinion that the group for victims of narcissists and pathological people would be a good start.

Situations like this are so wearing and stressful, it&#39s important to care for yourself as well, because exhaustion and anxiety clouds your judgement if nothing else - it makes it so much harder to keep a sense of perspective and formulate clear plans. Your children are obviously your first priority but, you are equally as important: after all, you are their rock so you must make sure you don&#39t become insecure yourself. I have found (through years of professional and personal experience, trust me ;-) ) that what is good for YOU is good for them. Take care of YOU, and do what YOU want, what YOU know to be right.

I hope you reach some peace soon, you all deserve it. In the meantime, if you can keep the children away from their father, do so. I&#39m afraid you cannot make him into the kind of father you want him to be - he can only be the kind of father he is. It&#39s very sad but, they have a wonderful mother which makes things so much better.



It is wearing. I can take it especially for my boys. I have to its my duty. There is nothing I want more than to see these two little people grow up to enjoy life for the pleasures it can bring. They are stressed about it but I'm am very attentive and availble while also using all available resources I can find. Thanks for your words, they have given me peice knowing that if our judicial system truly is on key to our childrens welfare that justice will be served. I just feel like such a bad mother that I didn't take action sooner when the warning signs now seemed so obvious. I guess its the guilt that is really the harrdest part. Knowing i failed to protect them

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