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Unnecessary hair growth


I am interested in whether there is a particular rub or treatment for unnecessary hair growth, other than the laser because it is hard to find a salon that does it properly. Often once an area is treated then more problem is caused in another area due to shaving by the technician.
Is there a form of chinese medicine that will remove permanently the amount of hair growth in a particular area of the body?


Not that I’m aware of. Most of the time if you are seeing excessive hair growth you would treat the problem at the root - which is most often hormonal issues. So in that sense, yes, it is a treatable symptom, but it would depend greatly on the cause. For more information on how we would approach this diagnostically, see “What Does Acupuncture Treat?”. Which discusses the general Chinese Medicine approach of treating the causes and not the symptoms.


There is a method of hot wax/mud/herbal compress that supposedly (according to my Chinese born/trained last boss) is useful for removing hair from the crotch and armpits. It is similar to waxing in that once you pull the compress off it removes the hair follicles which take much longer to regenerate and which is why waxing lasts longer than shaving. The difference was supposedly that the formulation contained herbs to suppress the hair growth and to soften and smooth the skin. Unfortunately as my boss was very secretive I was never given access to find out what supposed herbs were in the formula. I don’t even know which company she ordered the stuff from so sorry can’t really be any more help. But even then it would not be a permanent solution. Just as an aside, there are actual health benefits to having hair at various location on the body…

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