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Unexplained multiple miscarriages

I am currently 43, almost 44 and just had our 3rd consecutive early miscarriage. Two pregnancies resulted this way when I was 41 (on the 2nd pregnancy, we had seen the heartbeat first and everything looked great according to the doctor).
We can’t seem to beat the odds of 50% chance of miscarriage for women over 40… for me it’s been 100% and reasons unexplained.
I have been under the treatment of TCM for some kidney and blood deficiency, but otherwise in good health and cycles are regular. Fertility testing showed everything normal or better than normal for my age.
Is there any hope? Could this be we are doomed with the egg quality issue and I would need an egg donor? Or has it just been bad luck and we still have a decent chance?

When you say:

What exactly have you done, including duration, frequency, and with what noticeable effects?

Generally speaking this is well within the realm of something Chinese Medicine is very often helpful for, but without knowing exactly what has been done there is little I can say with regards to whether the path you are on is correct.

Hello – weekly acupuncture for close to a year during 2017-2018, was also prescribed custom herbs but don’t remember what they all were. I was just told due to some symptoms I named and whatever else was seen, I had a kidney, qi and blood deficiency.
Then late 2018-2019 for another 6-8 months (stopped a few months ago) I was on custom herbs through online consult.
What few issues I had were improved (biggest issue was cycle length being too short) though sometimes it’s still on the short side (26 days).
So it was quite some time of being on TCM treatment but the time and cost eventually came to be difficult after almost 2 years of it. This last miscarriage was so early (4.5 weeks) I didn’t even get a chance to go to western medicine or TCM first…

I do now remember being put on a modified You Gui Wan and told it was an important one for me. There were a few others I was put on to help with things like my thinning hair, dark spots in vision and tinnitus. I’ve also started Nuan Gong Yun Zi Pian (on my own research) in hopes it will alleviate the large clots I have during my period (have had all sorts of other treatments/herbs for that which helped some but did not eliminate this problem I’ve had since having a copper IUD removed in late 2016).

Really I’m just hoping for advice now on what else I can do to improve egg quality, assuming that is the issue (have 3 children from a previous marriage from my early 30s so I’m assuming my current miscarriage problem is egg quality due to age).

Just a general read of your symptoms seem to indicate more problems with what we call the “blood” in Chinese Medicine (which is more than your “blood” in Chinese terms). Most of the formulas you have been one seem to be more for Kidney yang deficiency which isn’t likely what you have, but they are easy formulas to end up on if you choose them based on symptoms and not proper tcm diagnoses (both people themselves and practitioners with poor herbal/diagnostic training). I would suggest you try to find another practitioner in your area that has some experience with fertility and practices acupuncture, herbal medicine, and ideally tuina (chinese medical massage) and give them 3 months to get you in a good place. With as much treatment as you have had things like the clotting, etc. should have completely cleared up within 3-6 months at the most, as that didn’t happen I can only assume they had the wrong, or at least not the deepest, diagnosis.

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