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Unable to locate both wrist tendons


Yesterday I wanted to show a friend the ‘tsubo’ PC 6 for treating herself with acupressure. She didn’t have a serious ailment (she drank too much the night before) but she felt sleepy, dizzy and nauseous. I thought LI 3 would have been helpful as well but decided to explain PC 6. While I tried to locate the point, I only felt one tendon on the inside of her lower arm instead of two. I was able to locate the point but I am still wondering why I only felt one tendon. Would this be common for some people or for some health conditions?

I could only feel the ‘inner’ tendon (flexor carpi radialis).



There are people where palmaris longus is not there due to genetic differences - on average ~14% of the population doesn’t have one. So she might not. At times, however, depending on the amount of body fat and/or significant differences in tension between palmaris longus and flexor carpi radialis it can be difficult to palpate. On average this will not affect the functioning of PC 6 in any way.



Very interesting to know, and I’m surprised about the 14%. Thank you for your quick & clear response.



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