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Type 3 odontoid fracture


I have a type 3 odontoid fracture from a mountain bike accident. From the cat scan 2 days ago there is hardly any knitting of the bone. Been in a halo for 14 weeks. Been eating lots of nutritious food. The specialist has said that this is weak blood flow area.I would prefer not to have fusion of C1 and C2. Would acupuncture increase the blood flow?


You should see an acupuncturist locally, ideally one who also practices Chinese herbal medicine. There is much that can be done and it far more detailed than simply increasing blood flow. One formula which your practitioner would likely use (or at least as a base) is jin gu die da wan. This formula (and others in its class) can be amazing for bones that won’t heal.

Much of this aspect of Chinese Medicine comes from the interrelations with the martial arts side - trauma injuries, broken bones, etc. So there is a long detailed and comprehensive history within Chinese Medicine of properly treating these issues.

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