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Trying to conceive



We have been trying to conceive for the past year and a half. I have had all kinds of test done that are all normal and my husbands sperm is ok too. The doctor can't find any reason for my infertility. I am 36 years old. My cycles are very normal: 27 - 28 days, period lasts 4 days. I do however have acne and breast tenderness at ovulation and premensturally. I tend to ovulate anywhere from day 10-14. Any ideas on how it improve my fertiltiy would be greatly appriciated! Anywhere form diet, herbs, or specific acupuncture/pressure treatments.

Thank you!!!


Acupuncture and herbal medicine is regularly used to help with fertility issues. If you click the "infertility" link that was automatically created below your post you will be taken to our treatment section. There are a host of articles within that explain the TCM approach and you sound like a perfect candidate. The acne and breast tenderness, etc. are signs of what we call liver qi stagnation and are important clinically. When you first meet with a practitioner they will go through your entire medical history and ask you many questions to come to the proper diagnosis. With cases where there are mild-moderate menstrual issues and the male is fine many will be pregnant within 2-4 months of treatment as a ballpark.

You may find my article, a general introduction to treating male and female infertility, helpful - in addition to others within the infertility section above.


Acne means you have heat inside your body, may blood stasis cause heat. basic points: Ren3, Sp6, Sp8, Kd12, for heat add: Sp10, Lv3, Li4, for blood stasis add: Zi Gong, St30, Ub32.


Anxiety often perturbs conception. To ameliorate this I sugest Lonny Jarret protocol to calm you: Urinary Bladder (13, 14, 18, 20 and 23) once a week.

After intercourse place under buttocks 2 pillows and stay quiet by 20 minutes. You will help spermatozoids go inside you.

Good luck.

Nilton Benfatti


Research the science of Taoism they often suggest that they not only understand how to become impregnated but also how to determine/choose what gender

the child will likely be, by picking even or odd days etc. Ps. the concept of peacefully resting with a pillow under the bottom for some time after copulation sounds like a practical idea as-well.

Good luck always.


As a non-practitioner, I just would like to comment that finding an acupuncturist who specializes in women&#39s issues will be worth your money. I have known so many couples whom after 4 months or so resolved these fertility issues with acupuncture and sometimes the combination of herbal tx. Yoga is also great.

And, although, your husband&#39s sperm count is normal, it wouldn&#39t hurt for him to join you in yoga as well.

I would not recommend just going out and buying herbs or anything cause infertility is usually very different for everyone. For one person, it may be a case of phlegm stagnation and years of blood deficiency and for others, sometimes just freeing the blood and warming the uterus seems to work. I wish you well.

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