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Trying TCM - online!?



After many years of trying to solve some issues with not much success, I would like to try TCM, since many of the research I’ve done seems to indicate my symptoms/concerns are better understood/covered by TCM than by Western medicine. (According to which I am probably quite healthy and have nothing to worry about… but I know that’s not the case).

The thing is, I live in a country with no TCM practitioners. I know there are some accupuncturists, and I’ve had accupuncture, but to my knowlede they are not trained in TCM completely, if that makes any sense. I have found a couple of Websites offering “online consultation”, sometimes in the neighborhood of a hundred bucks per consult (and more for “follow up” consultations). But I am a bit skeptical of trying those sites without a recommendation first. What if I am given just a general recommendation and the person reviewing my ‘case’ only reads my stuff quickly and without making a serious assessment? These sites also do consultations via Skype and can request photos (of the tongue, for example). To whoever I would make a consultation with, I’m sure I’d write at least 3-4 whole pages worth of data which I feel may be relevant. Would be hard to condense it into just a parragraph or two.

Do you guys recommend any particular Website or TCM practitioner that does this, over the Internet?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Your acupuncturists should be able to give you a diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms at least and then you may be in the ballpark theoretically speaking to choose appropriate formulas with your own research. There are aspects of the diagnosis process in Chinese Medicine that are hard to replicate doing it online. Our clinic is starting a website - Chinese Herbal Medicine .today that will offer online consultations - but it may not be ready for another month or two. Part of the complexity of setting it up is how best to get all of the information we need to make appropriate diagnoses. And how best to charge and do followups as herbal medicine in particular is a bit of a moving target for many cases. Outside of what we are planning, I’m not aware of any sites doing online consultations.

As I’ve said, online is not ideal. We are going to try it just to see how things go and offer for the many people who have no or limited access. If someone is in a area with good practitioners, I would much rather them see someone locally.



Thanks for the quick response. Believe me when I say I agree about online not being “ideal”, but I am growing a little desperate and I would settle for an improvement over my issues. My stuff is not life-or-death, but it affects my life and may become more serious as I continue to age. Since I was 21 (33 now, 34 in a couple of months) I have been reading a lot about nutrition and how it affects the human body, including books about Taoist points of view on the subject, so not just “western” points of view. I know nutrition affects the body in many ways as I have experimented a lot on myself. The accupuncturists I could find near me have NEVER mentioned changes in diet. I think they treat desease with just accupuncture, cupping, maybe other things, but would not recommend diet/lifestyle changes.

To give you an idea of my situation, a few years ago I thought it was all due to musculo-eskeletal problems… the researcher in me had me posting in forums and seeking help, reading a ton of information. I tried many programs to fix posture and other issues, I spent ENDLESS hours (weeks, months, years!) trying to fix my issues, bought books, CDs… and out of desperation I actually went to the USA to see NUCCA chiropractor (twice!) and on a different trip, a Rolfer. That was a lot of money spent right there as it included air flights, hotel, renting a car… but I kept telling myself “money spent on health is money well spent”, while at the same time envying most (if not all) my contemporaries who at this age (I started having botherhing issues at 27 or so) seem perfectly healthy and without having to worry about anything.

It is not that I want to pay for an online consultation, but I figure it can’t hurt. I would just like an experienced TCM practitioner to read what I have to say about me, then ask questions (if need be) and just recommend some stuff, whatever that may be.

Lastly I am surprised you have not heard of other websites doing that, seeing you are in this “world” of TCM and are thinking of doing the same. A google search for “online TCM consultation” brings up many results. You may want to check them out, as they’d be your competition :slight_smile: Or maybe not, but just thought I’d let you know about their existence. Thanks in advance for any further reply.


I could have rephrased that. I know of sites, but most that I’ve seen are fronts of Chinese herbal shops. That’s not necessarily bad or good, but I’m not always comfortable with their skill level. What I don’t know is any highly reputed practitioners trying that method except for existing patients of theirs that they have seen physically (so many that do don’t advertise that they do - I’m currently in that camp).

There are only a couple sites in the US that even sell herbs directly to the public - all of the major suppliers will only sell to practitioners and some won’t allow you to offer their products via an online website to the public (only to your patients).

One practitioner whom we work with appears to do online consultations but I’ve never asked him if that is only for people that he has seen in person previously (my assumption) or whether it is for anyone. He is, however, quite skilled and he would be worth talking to if he takes people outside of his area.



If you don’t mind me asking: would you not be able to this yourself at this time? You are pointing me towards someone else, which is a fine response given what I asked, but what about you? It says here ( that you do “long distance phone consultations”. I guess from your last reply one could assume it only applies to patients you have already seen in person (?).

Like I said, I haven’t got much to lose except maybe the cost of the consultation. Since you have been kind enough to reply to me (and quickly!), you acknowledge that some of those sites offering online consultations may just be trying to sell herbal formulas, and you even point me to someone else instead of telling me “I’ll do it”, well, now I would actually like to try this with you, IF you accept of course. Even if your website is not set-up yet, there are way to make payment (Paypal?) and we could just e-mail, and if need be, Skype. Hoping you accept. :slight_smile:


At this time, no, due to the demands of my in person clinic. We will be changing my schedule around the time we finish the consulting site to allow for some focused time to aid those patients. But for now, no. While I responded quickly to your post, it was just timing that made it look that way. Posts can sit on the forums for days before I have time to even briefly look them over.

As for the distance healing - that is actually offered for free - via our live broadcast and via many other classes at (which I highly recommend).


Thank you for your time!


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