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Trying self acupuncture due to cost - Thoughts?


Due to the cost of acupuncture, (all my money has gone to fixing my knee), I am willing to try self-acupuncture. I have studied the meridians, and everything I can online about it. Any thoughts or advice? Thank you.


This is probably the answer that you expected, but my answer is not to do it. Not only can you harm yourself and cause more trouble (nerve damage, etc.), but with such a limited approach as can be gathered in a few days/weeks of study you will very likely not get any result at all. Honestly, acupuncture compared to western procedures is extremely cost effective and if you want to get well I would strongly suggest you see a practitioner.

Generally acupuncturists do far more than acupuncture - they may do cupping, moxibustion, herbal medicine, tuina (chinese medical massage), offer stretching/self-help techniques, etc. Particularly if you have an issue that western medicine didn’t help with at all - your ability with such limited understanding to help yourself is likely very limited.

On your own you would have better luck with deeper fascia massage (possibly with a massage tool) and some moxibustion in the area.


I completely agree with Chad on this. On another note, you shouldn’t even be able to technically self needle. There is a federal law that acupuncture needles are only legally for sale to licensed practitioners of acupuncture. Of course if you don’t live in the US this might not be an issue but even then I still think it is a terrible idea to self needle without any formal instruction.


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