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Tremor in arm, have lost my point!


Hello, I am an acupuncturist with 21 years experience. I have treated Tremor in one arm before and was very successful using an extra point called ‘stop tremor point’ it is near LI10. Problem is I have lost my records and have forgotten the exact location. Has any one else come across this point please?


There is an extra point called Xiao chan xue which is located along the heart channel 1.5 cun below HT 3.


And just to clarify - xiao chan xue translates literally as “stop/disperse tremor point”. It is often used with other heart channel points such at HT 5, HT 6 and/or HT 7 along with other relevant points such as the motor cortex GV 20 or Sishencong, etc. as appropriate.


Thank you Stephen and Chad,
that is really useful, you feel really stupid when you forget a point! I am now going to write it in my ‘Acupuncture bible’ for future use. That was the point I was looking for, I used it once on a lady who had Breast Cancer. After the Chemo, Surgery and Radio Therapy they put her on Herceptin and this produced a bad tremor in her left arm. I used this point to stop the tremor along with points for Internal Wind.

Thanks again

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