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Trembling and numb pain all over body after acupuncture


i turned to acupuncture after a friend recommended for pain similar to sciatica but shooting from the knee down the leg and the right arm feeling "asleeP" all the time.
After the second treatment I felt so much better with only small area of a right leg "burning". After the third treatment my whole body is in after hitting the funny bone on the elbow: numb, trembling, feeling cold as if the circulation is obstructed. This pain spread to the left side as well.

Did my very experienced doctor of acupuncture damage my nerves? It is painful all the time now.

Thank you.



This has been covered numerous times - read this. Pain from acupuncture, properly done, is extremely unlikely to cause any kind of pain - certainly not nerve damage. It&#39s interesting to me that you preface your complaint with "very experienced doctor of acupuncture" - because -if- damage happened - it shouldn&#39t. Be careful what you justify within the process of healing.

Now if your case if your arm was going numb frequently before that is 95% likely to be coming from your neck. As the musculature loosens there is the possibility for some temporary instability in the cervical discs that could instead of numbness create pain - either from it loosening or from it tightening on the nerve. It would be hard to say more without knowing all the specifics of your case.

I suggest you talk about this with your practitioner and if you are uncomfortable or unsatisified with their answer, find someone else.

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