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Treatment protocols


Submitted By: Vidhya ghopu

Dear sir,

1. Kindly provide me with acupuncture points for subacute retrocecul appendictis .

2.If a patient suffers with back ankle pain which meridian to be energitised .I suggested UB60, UB59,UB61 and K3, as local points. kindly provide treatment points for the same.

Thank you

Vidhya ghopu.


Hello, Vidhya ghopu:

The ankle pain most because of Kidney deficiency or wind cold & dampness inside the joint cause inflammaton, use points Kd3, 6, sp6 and ashi points with moxa, if kidney deficiency at ub23, 26, 52, if wind cold dampness add sp9, GB31, 34, 39, after treatment, use hot water soak feet then massage the ankle.


Hi Feng Mei ,
Thank you for your valuable prescriptions . I would follow them for the treatment .
Thank you .


Generally when I treat ankle problems I would use a combination of local points, points relevant to their tcm diagnosis overall and points that open the lower back all the way down the bladder meridian to the feet - so huatuo at L2, L5, S2, then perhaps UB 40, UB 57 along with tuina at the calf to release the achille and open the ankle. Possibly moxibustion around the joint itself. You can find many of the relevant points for pain within our acupuncture for arthritis article - in particular see the bottom of the article for local treatment points.

For appendicitis (in the future please create two separate forum posts - it helps people to find relevant information) the general tcm diagnosis is accumulation of damp-heat and toxicity so relevant damp heat clearing points can be used along with lanweixue the empirical extra poitn for appendicitis.

I tend to use empirical and tcm pattern specific points along with the following in most cases:

huatuo of T3 - lung/lymph/immune system</li>
huatuo of T11 (Left Side) - small intestine/intestines/appendix</li>
huatuo of T12 - intestines/transverse colon</li>
ST 11 - regulate flow of qi in abdomen</li>
SP 6, ST 36, CV 4 and various ashi points as appropriate</li>



Thanks a lot for sparing your valuable time . The protocols given by you would be very helpful to everyone who look for them for respective treatments.

(I wud make separate forums for different topics in future).

Thank you .

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