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Treatment of Myeloma

I would like to buy Huangpi Guizhi Wuwu Tang for the treatment of myeloma. Does any one know where I can find it.

Our store carries that formula but I would strongly suggest you work directly with a fully trained Chinese Medicine practitioner in your area to determine if this is the right approach for you. Formulas are not chosen by symptoms, but rather by Chinese Medicine diagnoses - for more on that see “how to choose a formula”.

Our store - Huang Qi Gui Zhi Wu Wu Tang - Sun Ten - Herbal Formulas | Chinese Herbal Formulas - Yin Yang House Store

Our theory page for the formula - Huang Qi Gui Zhi Wu Wu Wan Astragalus and Cinnamon Twig Five Herb Decoction - TCM Herbal Formula | Chinese Medicine Theory - Yin Yang House

If you are outside of the US, international order quotes may be requested on our international orders request page.

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