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Treatment of Lower Back Pain


My youngest sister in law(32) has been suffering from Lower Back Pain for about 5 years. A portion of her lower back bone is enlarged. She had taken alopathic medicine time to time with no good result. What should be the acupressure points to cure her fully?


Ranajit Kumar Roy.


Acupressure alone is generally not enough to treat a condition like this. You would do best to consult with a fully trained acupuncturist, ideally one who also practices tuina and cupping. For general points, however, you can read our acupuncture treatment for low back pain page.


If there is a physical malformation, acupuncture alone is not going to give permanent results. It will help with the symptoms, but the deformity is still there. You didn&#39t say whether it&#39s a stenosis, bone spurs, or bad disk, but surgery may be needed to correct any of those. You can try the Master Tung points on the back of the hand: ling ku, da bai, and zong bai--- they work especially well on sciatica, but can be effective for other types of LBP. Again, the relief will probably only be temporary.

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