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Treatment for yang lack


Hi. Could you please send me the link of product that may being helpful in cases of leucorrhea(leukorrhea) which caused by spleen qi deficiency (internal dampness)
Thank you


What you are describing is leukorrhea. Our leukorrhea treatment page has some options from a Chinese Medicine perspective. The condition may arise from excess patterns such as liver fire in TCM terms, or from deficiency patterns such as spleen qi deficiency. Generally, but not exclusively, when the discharge is white/clearer it is from deficiency (not necessarily yang as you are implying) and when it is yellow/darker it is from an excess pattern.

Generally your local practitioner will be the one to determine what diagnostic pattern you actually have and that is what treatment is based on (not the symptoms - see both “treat the cause and not the symptoms” and “how to choose a formula” for more on that subject).

Accordingly, we do not provide any recommendations via our public forums as the level of detail required to obtain the correct diagnosis is simply inappropriate, and in some cases arguably impossible, via a public medium like this.

Generally what you appear to have is very easily treated herbally, I would suggest you find a practitioner in your area and work with them.


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