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Treatment for Leukemia


My Father is currently being treated with chemotherapy for Luekemia. I recently read an article by Chad Dupuis regarding an acupucnture protocol for Luekemia which was T-1, T-2 , T-7, T-8 electro-stimulated, Sp-6, Sp-10, & LI-11. I wanted to know what the length of the treatment should be, and how often. Has anyone else used this protocol, and what have been the results.


Luekemia in TCM is a kind of blood deficiency desease, I do some research online, found some different treatment protocol: St36(moxa), Gb39(moxa), Du4(mosa), Sp6,10, Ub11,17,18, 20, 23, Lv3, Li4, Ren4,6,12 etc.. basic on different pattern you can flexible change some points. hope it will help your father.


Thank you Feng Mei, I will try this treatment protocol.


I&#39ve just added our Tong Ren Therapy Leukemia treatment protocol which goes into a little detail about the use of the points. Master Tam has a more extensive section on the treatment of leukemia (which we see quite a lot of and have good results) in his latest text Healing Cancer with the Nervous System. If you have any more questions about the points after reading that section, please ask.

With regards to treatment frequency, etc. generally we never perform acupuncture more than once a week except in the rarest of cases. Acupuncture always includes tuina (no electro - a bias admittedly but we don&#39t use it, tuina and qi gong therapy (i.e. tong ren) is much more effective). Tong Ren Therapy, our energy healing system, can be used daily if the seriousness of the case warrants it, otherwise weekly is often enough. More stimulation is not necessarily better... Tong Ren can be performed by anyone once they know the points, and can be had at various classes around the world.

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