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Treatment for how long


Hey I am taking treatment for MS with western medicine for past 3years.I dont face any problems right now.I have planned to shift to accupuncture and TCM.Can you tell me the approximate time-span for a complete cure


Regarding your request for a "complete cure" you should read my previous response to your initial question. MS is a complicated condition and much like western medicines are often used over the long haul, acupuncture should be viewed as a long term process. While some cases of MS will go into remission within 3-6 months of treatment, many people we treat for a year or more. Even after they are in remission the majority of people may come in on a somewhat frequent basis for years. MS is very unpredictable and people can have one episode and never have another one again their entire life - with or without treatment of any kind. Other people have very serious forms that continue to worsen over time. Your practitioner should be able to give you an idea of treatment frequency and duration once you have an initial response to treatment. If you are currently symptom free you can have treatment for a year at a frequency recommended by your practitioner and then, perhaps, have another MRI to check to see if the condition is healing, staying steady, or progressing in any way.

Along that same note, acupuncture is only part of the equation. Your practitioner will likely make dietary and lifestyle suggestions that, if you follow them, will greatly increase your chances of a positive outcome.

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