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Treatment during IVF cycle


Hi, I need some clarification around what points can be used during down regulation time of the IVF cycle. Jane Lyttleton’s book says not to stimulate ovary activity during this time. Another artlcle I found said to treat side effects of medication during this time using points such as LI4, St36. As this are blood moving points is it safe to use these points? I’d appreciate your advice.


So one of the main reasons that you might be seeing somewhat conflicting information is that you generally do no want to follow strict protocols in Chinese Medicine. Under most conditions this will lead to inferior results. Even though IVF is a somewhat artificially controlled paradigm for fertility, you are still dealing with an individual and that individual has a presenting pattern in Chinese Medicine terms. So, first, you consider your patient and their diagnosis and you work with what their body needs. Second, you consider the ramifications on that individual of the western medications and what factors the western procedures/medications may contribute and/or present with for that individual. Finally, you consider protocols - i.e. what you are trying to help the body accomplish in western physiological terms. You put all those considerations together and you treat what is necessary both for the patient and for the part of the IVF process within which you are seeing that patient.

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