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Treating Severe PMS symptoms

I am treating a women with fairly severe PMS with Acupressure. She becomes deeply depressed and sometimes feels suicidal when she is premenstrual. I thought of Master and Couple points on the CV vessel… The succession being MC CC CM MM MC. Do you have further suggestions?

Personally I feel acupressure is far too limited for something like this. I would refer out to an acupuncturist who ideally you can discuss the patient with. When they arise at the patients diagnosis in TCM terms and have a treatment plan, they will be in a good position to share with you how you might facilitate the progress of the treatments. Generally speaking this range of issues would be best served by properly prescribed Chinese herbal medicine and proper diagnostic based acupuncture. For a start our acupuncture for PMS section has some of the more common underlying diagnoses and potential starting blocks for treatment.

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