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Treating Panic Attacks



I’m treating a person about troubled sleeping with many dreams, with history of panic attacks and underlying is an emocional trauma.

Last session, i did some changes, and one point i used was GB 13, after the session, the pacient had a panic attack, and the last she had was 1 year ago.

My question is, when i want to unblock emotion, can we have the return of some symtoms? Or can she experience them like a way of releasing?

Have you some experience with that?

I study carefully what should i do to help her, and in the end, i have doubts about my choice…

Because is not common discuss this topic, about worsen that can indicate a good way. i read some time ago something about that, but with very few information.

Thanks for your help

Unresolved Emotions and/or Trauma related to Physical Conditions

Yes, of course, but these types of issues are not as common as people in the alternative medicine fields like to think they are and they are by no means required for the emotions to release.

What other points did you use, why needling style do you use and what is the patients tcm diagnosis with supporting signs and symptoms?


Thanks for the answer Chad!!

The main symptom as i said is a troubled sleep, with vivid and many dreams. Some aditional symptoms were night sweats, irritability, few concentration and capacity of focus, a lot of menstrual pain, some tinitus, tiredness, a lot of spleep between 5 p.m and 7 p.m, sometimes migraine, in this last week lack of motivation.
She had 2 episodes, apart in time of shortness of breath, an chest heaviness.

The panic attakcs weren’t anymore a complain.

The pulse is very weak on left, in all positions, a little bit less in first one. At right the pulse was slim (i think is the right term).

The tongue have some teeth marks, a litle bit shaking, a longitudinal Crack, without coating and dry.
Underneath, veins were slim, and a litle bit dark.

I have more information, but this one can help you to picture it.

In the last weak with formula and auricular points to tonify the blood/Yin she improved a lot…
the sleep was a litle better, she was very much calm, more focus, and motivation.

The more difficult subject was the sleep, and the dreams had a strong connetion with the end of a relationship, so i was start to think about blocked emotions.
The last session i want to give an emphasis to the bad sleep and i choose point to troubled sleep , calm shen and hun, root the hun and tonify the yin…

Do you think i’m wrong?? i read a lot of texts about…to help me get sure. Another thing i think was harmonizing heart and kidney!

Maybe was too much thinking?! In the first session i only tonify yin, but not helped very much.

Through this thinking i choosed…

Sp 6 ; Lv 8 ; Ren 4 ; reinforce

Hunshe, UB23, UB 47, UB 44; even

Du 24 ; GB 13 ; GB 44 (i didn’t stimulate this one’s, only puncture them)

KD 9; KD 25 (i didn’t stimulate this one’s, only puncture them)

Do you think was somethin i did badly?

Do you have some histories about that?

Thank you a lot


Based on the symptoms and the pulse and tongue I would probably lean towards a blood deficiency of spleen and heart. The points you listed seem like a good start. You might consider adding SP 3 and ST 36 to further help nourish the blood. I wouldn’t expect immediate results; it will likely take a few treatments to change the level of dreaming.

As for needling technique, I really don’t find that it matters - I’ve been using a neutral technique on all points for pretty much my entire career.

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