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Treat ovarian cysts but not affecting ovulation


I hope someone out there can tell me which acupuncture points (with graphics,if possible) can treat the ovarian cysts but not affecting ovulation. Is there any chinese medical explantation for causing the ovarian cysts? Thanks


In Chinese Medicine cysts are generally the result of dampness (resulting in most cases from long term Spleen Qi or Yang Deficiency) and/or blood stasis (resulting in most cases from Liver Qi Stagnation). They are certainly treatable with Chinese Medicine but to offer much in the way of treatment suggestions you would have to provide a lot more information - other signs and symptoms, tongue diagnosis, pulse diagnosis, etc.

If the patient is more on the Liver imbalance side of the equation, our herbal formula - Li Ren, is very useful for cysts and fibroids in addition to its regular use for mentrual and PMS related issues.


Thanks for Chad's reply and information. How about ovarian cysts that may caused by hormone stimulation? Can you give some comment for a small electro-acupuncture device ACS/ACP?


From a pure Chinese Medicine perspective the underlying cause is irrelevant. Chinese Medicine treats "patterns" not western medical "conditions". The patterns listed above would be the same regardless of contributing factors....

As far as electro-acupuncture devices, I cannot comment on that as we do not use them. Generally I would expect them to be far less effective than acupuncture because of the inability to sustain treatment to multiple points at the same time (similar reasons why acupressure is not as effective as acupuncture for all but the most simple of conditions). This ability to sustain treatment on multiple points is crucial when using extraordinary vessel pairs and other point pairings.


You need let her go to weatern doctor to check X ray and Ultrasound at the abdoment area first, if everything ok, then you can use TCM techniques to treat her.

Thank you


Feng Mei


how can l prevent it naturally


In the future, please start a new forum post for a new topic... comments should be directly related to the original posters question. Anyhow, generally cysts are avoided from understanding and protecting yourself from the main causes from a Chinese Medicine perspective. This being spleen qi deficiency/dampness and liver qi stagnation (follow the links above and search the site to understand those patterns better). In short, though, you avoid dampness by eating a good diet, avoiding dairy and excessive cold/raw foods/sugars/juices ... and you avoid liver qi stagnation by exercise and controlling your emotions and stress levels....


Ovarian cycts are fairly common and most do not need treatment - they go away by themselves - however they should be monitored if they remain present long term. Other than that the only time you really need to worry about them is when you are trying to get pregnant. Like Feng said have X-rays or ultrasound done and keep monitoring them.

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