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Travelling pain hand and forearm



here's the story: my wife got bit by a cat on the distal phalange of her 4th finger, the right hand (no blood came out, there was no visible mark). she started having pain at the site of the bite and some swelling. the pain moved towards her proximal phalange, then her 5th finger, then between the 2nd and 3rd meta-carpal bones (the swelling was more pronounced there), then in the lowerd 3rd of her forearm, along the heart meridian.

presently there is no swelling, and the fingers are OK. she neved had any fever, no coulour changes in teh skin, no heat at the site of the swelling. now it really hurts, at palpation, between the HE4 and HE3.

is there anything i can do (i'm a physical therpaist that has just started TCM classes)? special kind of massages, herbs, points to stimulate?

thank you,



Clearly there was some irritation to the nerve. There is cat scratch fever but without other more common symptoms this would be a fairly unlikely cause of distal nerve inflammation. Either way, most of this will likely clear up on its own over a matter of weeks to a few months.

For acupuncture you should refer to someone locally who is a fully licensed acupuncturist and not attempt treatment yourself - consider it a learning experience for you as well as a better option for your wife.

Outside of acupuncture any one of the variety of Chinese herbal oils or pain plasters are often helpful in speeding up the bodies ability to heal - that along with light, somewhat frequent, massage in the area so long as that doesn&#39t appear to further irritate the nerves - just enough to encourage better blood circulation through the area. If it does, forgo the massage and just use the oils. Acupressure on SI 3 may help to clear the channel.

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