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Transplanted kidney could be deteriorating


hi I am new here. I joined because my friend had a kidney transplant about 20 yrs ago and recently her legs have been getting swollen. that could mean that her transplant is deteriorating. she is also anemic and has to take iron injections weekly. could acupuncture help her? she is afraid it might things worse. she is on anti-rejection meds. thank you! sha


Yes, it could very helpful, but she would have to be seen by an experienced practitioner and will likely need visits weekly for months - so she should be prepared for the long haul with something of this nature. As acupuncture works with the body, it is extremely unlikely (almost impossible really) to make anything worse. Now Chinese herbal medicine could be very helpful as well, but improperly prescribed or used that could make the situation worse - hence the need to see someone really experienced.

At the very least acupuncture would help with some of the side effects of the medicines and the kidney failure, but with an experienced practitioner you may get much more than that.


tk you for your info. my friend is afraid acupuncture will hurt her kidney issue. she might be wrong but unless someone can convince her otherwise, I don’t think she is going to try it. but I do appreciate your reply!


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