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Touch healing


In case of channel cut due to surgery or accident, can we touch heal on the remnant points in the same channel?


Are you asking if it is safe to work on someone with recent surgeries? or how best to help someone who has had a recent surgery?

And by "touch healing" do you mean acupressure or some kind of off-the body energy healing technique/qigong?


In case of channel(meridian)cut due to surgery (recent / old) or accident, can we acupressure or acupuncture on the remnant points in the same channel (meridian)?

Touch heal means soft touch / hard touch / soft touch with with finger on acu point.

Anticipating reply.


In a way of trying to understand what you are really asking, why would you think you couldn&#39t treat other points on the meridian post surgery? In other words, what is your concern overall?

Post-surgery or not you can freely use any appropriate points and/or treatment methods when they are appropriate to the overall diagnosis.


While the forum largely focusses on practical issue of a layman as the question being asked relates to what happens to the points after surgery(postop). To me, although the injury can be made to the body the channel would seem to be intact because it&#39s an imaginary line. Therefore, based on TCM pattern the diagnosis is possible to certain ailment and the subsequent treatment must be aimed towards this. Thanks!

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