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Tooth Infection

Currently using Chuan Xin Lian Wan for tooth infection. Seems to be the only thing to relieve pain. Was advised to use Xio Yao Wan by someone other than my acupuncturist. A different acupuncturist. Advised Xio Yao Wan was needed to “get Chuan Xin Lian” moving. I do not know what that means. Cannot find information between the two. Still have tooth infection. Please advise. Thank you.

To start, have you seen a dentist? In other words, is this just a one off infection or something more consistent/chronic in nature?

In short, oral TCM formulas may very well help with the broader infection, but you will usually need oral/topical herbs to really get somewhere. What you would use would depend greatly on a number of internal factors and medical history factors, so it is impossible to generalize. I also find herbs along with properly tailored acupuncture are the most effective for chronic/recurring cases. If you have a fully licensed practitioner near you who also practices with raw Chinese herbs then you should consult directly with them. If you don’t, honestly, unless this is something very chronic I would simply go to a dentist and get it resolved.

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