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Tooth Abscess


I HAve done Filling in my lower left molar tooth [3rd from back] 5 years ago.

now from past six months am having pain & the gum is getting swollen every 2 months & pus coming out of gums [ might be abscess].

I want acupuncture treatment to Prevent anymore abscess there as the gums are still swollen a bit.

please reply asap as i dont wanna remove my tooth !


I&#39m not sure what you are asking? Yes, go have acupuncture which can certainly help with the inflammation. If it is infected you may need antibiotics, but with proper treatment you should be able to avoid having the tooth removed and with continuing acupuncture you should be able to deal with the underlying immune issues that are leading to these continuing problems.


I mean what point to press or put pressure to prevent it !


Acupressure is -not- acupuncture and is generally not strong enough for more systemic problems. You should consult with a local acupuncturist for help with your issues. In the absense of someone acupressure at LI 4 may offer some mild relief.


Ok !
Thank you for your time and suggestion !
Hope it might help !
And is there any other point to reduce pus from swollen gums at lower left back side ?

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