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Tonifying definition


I am going to follow up on the concept of Tonifying. Others in the past have asked similar if not the same question. Such as what is “tonify”. When I see Tonify the liver. An organ for example. Is that because it’s weak from lack of nutrition? So it needs tonified? These are interesting terms. The body can heal its self of anything as long as you give it what it needs and don’t poison it to the point it can’t do its’ job. It seem that there’s always a much simpler system that does the same thing. I say this having seen many, many healing arts. :wink:


Tonify in the context of TCM would never be referring to a physical organ. So you would never tonify the physical liver. You might, however, tonify (or strengthen) the spleen - which would in laymens terms be strengthen the digestive and assimilation functions of the body.


I understand. :slight_smile: So tonifying the Spleen would be “Spleen function” not the spleen the small grey organ connected to the pancreas. Would you tonify the “Liver function”. Which in TCM I understand holds the blood. Stores it and moves it. If that’s right. But when you’re feeding an “organ” Isn’t that the organ function, or TCM “organ”. I guess would you ever tonify the TCM Liver.


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