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Tongue ulser & lips cracks


patient : male 43age- periodically suffering to Lips cracks and tongue ulcer.

tongue ulcer is not perment and it forms now and then but for every day.

Lips crack is permenet and persist for more than year.

pateint is totaly in alternate therophy only- acu touch.

IS there any suggestion to over come is permenently?


What is your diagnosis? What points have you tried and why do you feel they are not working?


I ve given P8.

preior to this he was administerd with H7 / P7 / LU9 and GB21 simultaneously by some other thropiest some time back. only after that these symptoms got developed.

this i observed from the discussions.

i thought of going for Sp3

thanks and look forward to ur recomendations


Are you providing acupuncture or acupressure and what is your training? I ask because it appears you are using only one point and do not have a clear TCM diagnosis of the patient overall. Acupuncture requires this to be properly applied.

If you are providing acupressure some points, even if they fit the condition well, do not respond well. So if I know your training and what technique(s) you are using I can offer more.

Without more details about the patient overall (say from the "ten questions", tongue diagnosis, and/or pulse diagnosis) it is difficult to offer anything definitive. In many cases these symptoms are the result of Heart Fire or Liver Fire, but Stomach Fire, or a pattern such as Kidney Yin Deficiency (among others) could also be possible. Proper diagnosis is key before treatment begins.

If you are using acupressure try HT 8 instead of PC 8 and LV 2 and/or LV 3 .


Thank u

I ve been adopting single point acu touch - 5 elements method.

Diagonsis based on the symbtoms, stydying quality of organ related feedbacks from the patients and pulse reading ,of course ive not masterd in pulse diag. but most of the cases clinical method helps to heal .

thank u once again

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