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Tongue -teeth mark on tounge

I have tooth mark on left side of the tounge . Wanted to check , the reason and what does it indicates? Points to cure it.

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On our tongue diagnosis page you will see under “swollen” body shape:
swollen deficiency

  • pale & wet - yang def
  • teethmarks & pale = qi def or excess fluids
  • dark red = excess heat usually ht/sp
  • so generally this mean qi deficiency and/or excess fluids. To better understand qi deficiency in basic terms I would recommend you start by reading “My Spleen is What?

That will give you a general idea of how the “spleen” in Chinese terms is influenced by diet, lifestyle, sleep, etc. Generally better sleep, less strain, and less carbs/sugar is what most people will need to do.

There are other ways for the marks to be there, however, and they are only one indicator of many a practitioner would take into consideration when designing a treatment protocol and/or providing recommendations.

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Thank you , very helpful . But wanted to check if it is somewhere related to indication of Breast or other cancer .

There is no way to tell the presence of cancer from a single diagnostic tool in Chinese Medicine. Teethmarks are extremely common on people due to fast paced lifestyles, poor diets and other factors.

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