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Tongue diagnosis


Looking for advice here with tongue diagnosis. A good friend who is a TCM doctor has told me which I predicted before

Is a accumulation of wind dampness , damp spleen and yang deficency. I think the crack in the middle is related to weak digestion stomach / spleen

I do have the following symptoms

Constant brain fog cloudy head
Weak limbs especially legs
Bloated and feel full a lot.
Cold hands and feet a lot.

Low body fat around body but abdomen seems.impossible to tone up and lose fat

Hair loss
Fading muscle tissue

Feel a bit better now sticking to a warming diet with ginger, leek, cloves, onion, parsley etc. I drink mostly warm distilled water and stay away from and cold drinks.

I do not eat diary as I’m a plant eater feel much better since going plant based and cut our Meat diary eggs, fish 4 years ago.
Eat little to no sugar.

I have had this swollen tongue and dampness issue as a child since I was like 10. I’m now 28y.o.

Help is greatly appreciated .

Fatigued and get out of breath and tire easily


What advice specifically are you looking for (herbs, acupuncture, lifestyle, diet, just general impressions, etc.)? Are you currently receiving treatment (i.e. acupuncture and/or herbs) - if not, why not? If so, what has changed and what hasn’t and why are you looking for further guidance?


Yes acupuncture on st40 and st36 and few other points. Take herbs for wind dampness and drink a tonic every night for Yang deficiency. I also eat two meals a day that have leek ginger, black pepper, scallions , parsnips basmati rice , cashew nuts, all damp draining properties.

Still no reduction in tongue swelling and symptoms


What “herbs” specifically (or formula specifically) are you taking and at what dose over what time frame? And how often and who is doing the acupuncture? The best person to contact us would be the practitioner who is treating you, that way we can discuss in more direct terms. Unless they feel like that their approach is doing well for your overall and it is just a matter of it taking more time…

Generally if you have been treated for more than 3 months with a specific approach and you are not improving significantly then the diagnosis and/or the treatment approach needs to be re-evaluated.

Generally speaking you seem to have far more signs of blood deficiency and less of dampness or true yang deficiency. What does your western blood work show? If you haven’t had it, you should get a general blood test, plus detailed thyroid and hormone panel.


Dizzines, hair loss and loss of muscle tone is a sign of Deficient Blood; as is weak limbs, probably due to an initial Spleen Qi deficiency. That means, as a result of its lack of Qi your body cannot build up Ying Qi and so, Blood is deficient. The initial Spleen Qi deficiency can be seen as of your brain fog, bloated and full sensation in your abdomen. I should see it, but your abdominal fat could not be fat, but actual water retention.

When you have Yang deficiency, the main problem is cold in hands and feet, but whole body coolness sensation. Cold arms and feet could be due to blockage or blood deficiency too, as well as dampness blocking your circulation to the limbs (which is the one I go for).

The crack in the middle of your tongue tells us there is a weak Earth, afecting digestion and so, corraborating the just said.

Many times, not always though, this dampness you are experimenting is due to mineral imbalances. TCM Herbology nowadays focuses on plants while classical books do have minerals listed, but for some reason therapists don’t give them much credit at this moment. I’d recomend you to get some Potasium and Magnesium, but you’ll need to figure out doses with your TCM Doctor. Don’t drink much water either. And as Chad Dupuis told you, get some tests, they may arise some light upon this.

Your TCM practitioner should be the one putting all toghether though, and if there is no result, then either change treatment or change practitioner.

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