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Tongue diagnosis



I would like some help with a mark I've discovered on my tongue in the past few months.

I have an indian ayurvedic book that describes tongue diagnosis and I found it very interesting. Unfortunately the book doesnt discuss the case of having a clear definite change of color tone on only one side of the tongue (see photo 1). I would like to know your impressions as to what organ might be concerned by it and also what could I do about it (toxins detox ? herbal supplements ?).

Any general comments on my tongue condition are mostly welcomed too.

Thank you very much !

photo 1 (after tongue scraping)

photo 2 (without tongue scraping)

photo 3 (tongue more relaxed, view of the tip)


First, please keep in mind that the tongue is but only one aspect of the information you would use to make a diagnosis and/or treatment recommendation. If you would like some more precise recommendations you should also write about any symptoms and/or medical conditions that you are experiencing.

From the picture there are a few things you can see (the crack down the middle that extends to the top (very light in your case), the teeth marks (also mild), ...) All of these are discussed in my tongue diagnosis article and you should be able to get a good idea of underlying Chinese Medicine patterns by reading that. Generally your tongue shows some weakness in the spleen system.

As for the mark that you are concerned about, I wouldn't be too concerned. That mark is what is called benign migratory glossitis (or more commonly "geographic tongue"). While it seems to arise more often with certain conditions (psoriasis, eczema, asthma, diabetes) it most often appears for no medical reason at all. The spots will generally resolve on their own in a few weeks to a few months. In some people these spots will come and go over their lifetime.


Your tongue is center crack, teeth mark, coating peel off at ST area, light red spots, moist white coat, and red tip. center crack means ST yin def., teeth mark means SP def., peel off means ST Qi damage but no too big, white coat mean yang def (there is cold energy inside), red spots means blood stag.( blood circle no good), red tip mean fire energy in upper jiao.

That mean your ST no good, digest system no good, yin and yang no balance function, must advance diagnosis with your pulse.


Thank you for both help and diagnosis !

Here is more info regarding my health.

I've been suffering for the last 5 years with tinnitus (ear ringing). After it started, I developped ear eczema infection (which is now slowly getting into control as I recently discovered the benefits of using 3% hydrogen peroxyde in my ear canals).

Last september, a kinesiologist said I had a major weakness in my kidney meridian and she prescribed me to take nutriments (as a replacement for acupuncture). She told me ear problems came from my weak kidneys. Unfortunately I had to stop the treatment because the nutriments (trace minerals) made me heavily constipated.

My present health condition is quite good, my weight is optimal and I have finally seen my immune system working well (I am now able to fight a cold/flu without prescribed medications !).

@chad dupuis

What can I do to strengthen my spleen ? I have very recently taken up the habit of eating daily warm vegetable soups.

@feng mei

Last winter I made the mistake of eating cold sauekrut throughout the season and I believe this may be the cause for the cold energy inside.

Please tell me what can i do to improve my ST, digestive system, and yin yang imbalance ?

How can I advance diagnosis with my pulse ?

I am open to all comments !


left hand pulse diagnosis is for: heart, liver and kidney.

right hand pulse diagnosis is for: lung, spleen and kidney.

warm soup is helpful for keep out cold energy at stomach and good for digestive system.

immune system can naturely healing the yin yang balance.


For more information on how to perform pulse diagnosis you should read the pulse diagnosis article in our theory section. The stomach and spleen are yin/yang paired organs in Chinese Medicine so both Feng and I are saying similar things. Your tongue, as I mentioned, shows mild spleen deficiency - so I wouldn't worry too much if you are feeling well. I think the changes to warm soup are a good idea, also exercises such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong have powerful building effects on the body and immune system. Two easy routines that we teach are the Da Peng Gong and the Tai Chi Dao Yin. Generally speaking warm food and drinks are easier to digest and more building for the body. This is particularly important in the colder seasons where we can weaken ourselves and challenge our immunity by not eating appropriate to the season.

For the tinnitus you could read our acupuncture for tinnitus article to get an idea of how the condition is viewed in Chinese Medicine. It is generally a kidney issue, although infections are other causes which may have nothing to do with the kidneys. In many cases it arises from Kidney Yin Deficiency and acupuncture along with the herbal formula Da Bu Yin Wan is often helpful. Infections, however, can cause scar tissue in the ear canal leading to this issue. Acupuncture in these cases is more helpful as it can effect the healing and circulation in the local area.


Thank you very much Feng Mei and Chad Dupuis for your suggestions. Great support on this forum.

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